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10 MILLION copies sold WITHOUT any advertising?

“I have never read anything that even comes close to these books. If I said WOW a hundred times, it would be a huge understatement! Do you get the idea that I am impressed with these books? Well good... because nothing I can say does justice to these books... nothing. Amazing!
— Wayne Surbrook, USA

Will YOU quit your job?

Many have after reading these books!

WARNING!  — Nothing can really prepare you for the amazing journey you are about to take in these 9 books.  And once you start — there's no stopping!  Get ready for the most mind-blowing read of your life!

These books have an “mysterious energy” encoded in the pattern and rhythm of the words that will begin resonating deep within your being—and re-open doors to a world you have likely long forgotten!

Your life is about to change forever—and we mean in a really amazing way!

“Basically, these books make all the [other] books that I've read to date look like a complete waste of paper!”
— Rafal, Australia

WHY so mind-blowing ?

Because you're about to meet Anastasia—a beautiful young woman—found living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia. Anastasia is unlike anyone you have met, yet what she is about to share with you will have you remembering so much that you have forgotten—that you may feel like you are awakening from a long sleep!

“This is the first time I've written a review on a book. These are the best books I've ever read! All the good books I've read before led up to this. Finished 9 books in 3 weeks.”

A remarkable, gripping true story!

Megré, a Siberian riverboat trader, describes his discovery of Anastasia in 1995 while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River on a strange quest to find the mysterious "Ringing Cedars" – ancient trees that over the course of 550 years had reportedly acculumulated so much energy through their pine-needle, antenna-like leaves, they had begun to audibly "ring" or vibrate.

At a riverside stop, Megré was greeted by a young, modestly attired peasant woman who seemed to know not only his name but also the nature of his quest.

Revealing that she knew the exact location the "ringing cedar trees" he was searching for, she offered to act as his guide. Megré accepted, but as they began the trek deep into the forest, Anastasia began to shed her clothes…

“These books will grab you from the beginning and you won't be able to read them fast enough. You can follow Vladimir as his writing skills improve. Anastasia's words will affect you beyond the last pages... These books will make you want to change your life and the lives of those around you. May possibly be the greatest books ever written. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.”
— Max VanPeople VT, USA

Readers have bought dozens at a time!

These books are so impactful that, often within minutes of reading the first few pages, people are regularly ordering dozens of copies of Book 1 to give to friends and loved ones.

When the first book Anastasia was released in Russia, after buying a copy on day one, readers returned the next day to carry away cartons of books to give away, and the entire print run sold out in just a few days!

The same phenomenon has occurring with the English editions. During the three-year English translation process, over 100,000 copies were sold. So what makes these books special?

“My husband finished reading Book 1. Today he said he had read hundreds and hundreds of books… but no one book had made such an effect on him like this one. Knowing him I will tell you that this is quite a statement!”
— Olga, Colorado, USA

There's a mysterious "energy" encoded in her words…

These messages are coming from Anastasia, a beautiful young woman, discovered by a trader in 1995, living alone, deep in the wild forests of Siberia.

She is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilization whose extraordinary powers and knowledge FAR EXCEED anything known today.

What she revealed to this trader turned his world upside down. As a result he abandoned his business, and agreed at her request to write a book that would change the world!

She told him she would imbue her words with an energy that would cause his books to sell in the millions. Despite his total lack of writing experience this is exactly what has happened!

“It's not about the story, the writing, the cultural context or the viewpoint… It's so beyond the words. For me, it's about the energy of possibility of a better way of life that resonates at my soul level… It is confirming, encouraging, alive and vibrant. If you believe that life can be magical and amazing, gobble it up. It's nectar from the Gods. May you know joy!”
— Jennifer, USA

Start dancing when you read these books!

When you read Anastasia—you can feel this energy "opening your heart" and "rearranging your brain cells", and the result for thousands of readers has been a desire to start rearranging their entire lives—and all their priorities!

We're not kidding! Her mind-blowing revelations will rock your world and have you re-evaluating everything you thought you knew! Many readers say they can't stop reading and re-reading these books, and each time they do, they feel even happier. Listen to these readers' comments…

“Book 1, Anastasia, was extraordinary. A sense of deep well-being came over me at different times during the reading of it—which took place in one sitting on the evening I received it in the mail! I just can't stop reading this remarkable material!”
— Robert, USA

“Amazing books to read. Makes you realise how mankind can solve all of his problems and start working on its magnificent future. No more doomsday thinking, this is a message of love and hope. Best books I have ever read.”
— Sjef van Dongenon, The Netherlands

Like nothing you've ever read!

Anastasia will have you dancing with delight and squealing with excitement as you re-discover YOU—in all your glory! Like waking from a dream, you will find yourself suddenly remembering who you REALLY are! Her soft-spoken words will go straight to your heart—like nothing you have ever read!

The more you read them—the better you'll feel

Anastasia will restore your hope for this planet and re-ignite your passion for life. After reading these books nothing will be quite the same.

“After reading this series I have recommended that [my daughters] give away all their other reading materials. I am in my 60's now, and I just wish I knew all of this Anastasia material about 40+ years ago. I think my life, as well as the lives of my family would have been vastly different.” — John, Melbourne

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