"Ringing" Cedars

(pinus sibirica)

Deep within the forests of Anastasia's motherland grow majestic 500-year-old trees of Siberian cedar. Over their lifetime, the cedars accumulate so much energy that some of them start emitting a vibrating "ringing" sound. It is believed that that these trees may produce a beneficial influence on human health and consciousness. It is in his search for these fabled cedars that the author first met Anastasia.

Similar stories of "ringing" trees can be found in traditions as diverse as Ancient India, Celtic Ireland, Native America, or Siberia's indigenous peoples.

Series Editor, Dr Leonid Sharashkin, attests to the reality of such a phenomenon…
"I have personally experienced a similar phenomenon in an old growth forest in central Russia—the whole forest fills with a gentle crackling sound, and it feels as though the trees are talking to each other… and to you. For myself, it was a revelatory experience which showed our ancestor's reverence for life manifest in trees, and their stories which we now call "myths" and "legends" were actually grounded in their own very real experiences. It is only that what was natural to them, became magical to us!"

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