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Anastasia—an amazing book. I fell in love with this book. It's extraordinary, uplifting, heart warming, mind provoking, emotionally stirring. It's simply amazing!

The philosophical ideas of the book are so deeply profound, spiritual but also firmly grounded. It's beautiful and fantastical but full of down to earth practical advise. It made me jump up and down with joy and enthusiasm, it made me cry a bit, it made me think hard. In fact I'm still thinking about it now.

What I crave most is the opportunity to talk to somebody about the book, but so few people have heard about it. I've got questions. There are bits I don't fully understand. There is some controversy, a mystery. Certain things are not fully explained. Is Anastasia a living person or just a symbolic figure? A beautiful image? Who is the real author of the book? Is this all true or is it just a fantasy? A lie? Brain washing? Manipulation for a good reason?

O, please dear fellow reader, grab the book, don't hesitate to buy it! Read it, share your opinion of it. Will it touch you the way it touched me? Will you be similarly inspired? Will you be put off by the book's rather primitive and over-sentimental style? Will you rush to your garden the way I did and find a space to plant couple of more fruit trees and bushes?

I keep lending my copy to my friends and they return it with eyes shining.

"I want to go to Russia and see it for myself", Michelle said.

"What if Anastasia doesn't exist?", I asked.

"It doesn't matter. The ideas in the book are so exciting! And all the knowledge in the world has been channeled to us from the higher reality anyway. All the writers, scientists, philosophers are just the messengers."

( Michelle is very spiritually advanced. )

"Perhaps Anastasia does exist", Christopher speculates, "but she is an old and wrinkled Russian Babushka (a wise woman, Baba-Yaga?), so the author made her young, beautiful and sexy for the book's wider appeal?"

Funny… But even if it is just a fiction, somebody really wants to change the world for the better. My intuition tells me that deepest sacred truth has been revealed, hidden secret knowledge has been shared with everyone. Luckily I can read in Russian too and of course I didn't stop at volume one. I went through all eight books.

Absolutely fascinating! Jaw-dropping. This book has changed my life.

Thank you.

— L Feigin-Denisen, South Devon, England

In the last 20 years, I spared no expense on literature regarding spirituality and free energy and conducted many experiments in both fields. All this was a part of my great quest to discover the truth about these matters and to use what I learned to improve my life and that of others.

I found, however, that having reached a high level of knowledge on these subjects, it was difficult to find new information and it was often the case that a new book would tell me nothing that I didn't already know.

But all this changed when I came across a series of books in Russian called The Ringing Cedars of Russia. Basically, these books make all the books that I've read to date look like a complete waste of paper!

What makes these books so special is that they were written with the help of the surviving members of the Vedic culture living in the Siberian taiga. The books contain the knowledge that has been kept the strictest of secrets far the last 10,000 years by those who wanted to control the world, to the point that a special language was developed to pass these secrets to the next generations, but nothing was ever written down.

The books explain very clearly and in great detail the wisdom of 30,000 years of the magnificent Vedic culture, as well as give detailed and correct accounts of history.

Most importantly, it is explained how every person can reach their full potential. I would like to recommend them because I think that going through life without this knowledge is a waste of time, and not passing it on to children is a crime.

I can say with confidence that nothing like these books exists in the world today.

High regards

— Rafal F., Australia

As a 75 year-old American who finished the third Anastasia book by Vladimir Megré, The Space of Love, I am in the process of digesting its substance. The American must pick up and go to a place that Vladimir Megré shows him. Megré shows him wonders.

But those expecting wonders to be valid only if found on American soil will be taken aback to learn they are in a land that rarely thinks of the New World. Anastasia’s Siberian taiga is a land that measures history in millennia instead of decades.

There, Vladimir meets those who have a mystical affection for their country and culture. He finds values resting on rock-solid Christian principles not bearing Christian labels. They are values descending from ancient insights, approved by generations faithful to the soil of their forbearers. Their love for Mother Russia is a love not understood even by the most patriotic American.

Christians will recognize much from the Old Testament as well as from the New, especially Isaiah, Chapter 11. This is not to say the Anastasia Series promotes or detracts from that teaching. Instead, it parallels and edifies. The Christian emerges with his faith firmer and a respect for Megré’s Anastasia.

After three books, I am digesting, and there are moments when my credulity vanishes. Then, lines appear that can have been written only to me. Then my unbelief is overturned. It is like the story of Lazarus. I believe, but help my unbelief! Coincidences are endless.

— Gallagher, Oklahoma, USA

Anastasia is wonderful! I truly believe this is the book that will make all religious systems and all social structures respond. It is so much in tune with mankind’s transformation that takes place and will immensely contribute to that transformation in the best possible way—practically, metaphysically, theologically, philosophically…

The freedom that this book carries in its life-concept for individuals and the society as a whole is so beautiful that everybody who reads the book will respond and will become a better person than what he or she was before reading it! It only takes to have an open mind and be ready to accept Anastasia not as a fiction but rather as a living person next door! Just a bit different from you and me.

Of course we, “very well educated people”, find it hard to admit that the lifestyle we have in this society is pretty close to slavery compared to the potential for freedom, for love, for compassion, for God in ourselves. We are losing sight of higher values and are running after dollars, mortgage and garbage…

Thanks a lot for bringing this wonderful book into the English language! Thanks for the joy and love this book will trigger in the souls of people in the English-speaking world! I sincerely hope it will help to avoid some of the ‘predestined’ paths for us people on this continent. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to become a better person myself and for offering this gift to us all!

— Rada, Toronto, Canada

I found Anastasia to be one of the most thought-provoking books I have ever read. I found myself with a new revelation on nearly every page and it brought many of my thoughts/beliefs/instincts? full circle.

Anastasia reinforced many of my deepest beliefs while also providing me with many new perspectives on our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other.

I have found myself referring back to and reflecting on Anastasia daily and it has given me much insight and plenty to think about and act on in my daily life.

I’m very thankful I learned of this book. I really look forward to digging into the second book.

— Lawrence, Rutland, Ohio, USA

When I embark on a new learning experience such as reading Book One, Anastasia, I am interested certainly in gaining new knowledge and of course in discovering new perspectives on consciousness and life in general. And on those two fronts, I will say that what I have absorbed from Anastasia by all means fulfills my interests.

However, there is an added, rather magical quality to the experience of getting to know Anastasia that I do not recall ever ­experiencing without being in someone’s actual physical presence. It was not so much a book that I read but rather reading the book allowed me to meet a truly remarkable being whose love is beyond measure. In fact, her love is beyond what I could ever imagine a human being could experience.

She has added to the depth and breadth of my beingness beyond what knowledge alone could impart. She has added to the lustre of my soul with the song of her being.

I am deeply impressed by her attention to the importance of everything. She notices the grandiosity of God’s Vast & Wonderful Creation in even the smallest detail, even details I have never noticed as having anything to do with the vastness of Love in action.

I take from this, my first reading of Book One, a profoundly deeper sense of the sacred in every living detail occurring all around me as well as in every detail of possible discovery within me.

In a highly lucid spiritual moment today at the conclusion of my morning disciplines, I was easily able to connect with Anastasia through her bigger-than-life eyes. She awaits our inquiry across time and space as to the issues and perplexities we’d like to rise above.

As for the translation, proofing and editing… wow, what a superb job you have done! It is almost as if the original discussions between Vladimir and Anastasia took place in English! Your team has chosen words and nuances that are so uniquely English, and I know how challenging that can be. I know how tough it can be to intuit a direct translation from Russian to English and vice versa. You have overcome that challenge creatively and with great insight. Thank you.

— Garrett, Colorado, USA

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“I just started reading the first book and I am already hooked! ”
— Nicole, Australia

“I have been reading a series of books that move me far beyond anything I have ever read before… Anastasia. My heart space opens at the mere mention of her name… Her spirit inspires me more than any other I have ever heard or read about. Anastasia represents, to me, pure, loving, flowing, powerful connectivity with the Universe and all within it.”
— Angela, USA

“This book is just what the world needs in this day and age—a gift of hope.”
— Cynthia, USA

“I received a copy of Anastasia two days ago and read it entirely! It is difficult finding the words to express how much it means to me and how powerfully I am impacted by it. It's almost as if my mind and heart have been prepared to read this book for years! I've found a treasure for which I have been desperately searching!”
— Brian, USA

“Have to get these copies to my friends. Incredible reading, as I'm sure you know. Thanks so much.”
— George, USA

“The book is awesome. In my life I've never finished one book I started. This book was different and I could not put it down, ever! The truth lies in there for sure.”
— Denise, Canada

“What a blast that Anastasia is! I couldn't sleep after reading it; I went on the web and read every, and I mean EVERY reference I could find. I have been dreaming about this for years!”
— Bruce, Australia

Anastasia is among … no … is the most profound work I have ever read. This is something special. No other book has actually changed me. I’m quietly confident that this is indeed the life-changing experience I have been waiting for.”
— Ben, Australia

“At last! Truth that has not been distorted by dogma or someone’s ego! I might explode from emotion if I read any more! I had a hard time getting myself to just stand still.”
— Ana, Portugal

“I am very, very grateful that Anastasia is now being shared in English. We have given copies to our children and grandchildren with the hopes of her message indeed changing the world. Anastasia has captured my imagination, filled my heart, lit up my smile and graced my being. She has changed my world and what a glorious world it is!”
— Carolyn, USA

“The Ringing Cedars books have indeed been a Life Saviour for me, changing me back to where I once was as a child, giving me renewed hope! I think that we were all a little bit like Anastasia when we were children, we were possibly just not allowed to remember…”
— Cissy, UK

“The Ringing Cedars Series have been the best all-embracing books I have ever come across, not a subject that was not covered… You don’t need any other books on your shelf bar this series because it covers it all.”
— Anne-Marie, Australia

“Book 1, Anastasia, was extraordinary. A sense of deep well-being came over me at different times during the reading of it—which took place in one sitting on the evening I received it in the mail! I just can't stop reading this remarkable material!”
— Robert, USA

“I have been enjoying these books and keep wanting to tell people about them. I have to be very careful who I tell about them. I think many people would take the story and say it was just made up. I am just beginning The Book of Kin and want to share the first chapter with everyone! Thanks for the superb translation! ”
— Shauna, Utah, USA

“I cannot even begin to describe the depth of the effect Anastasia has had on me and I have only read Book 1. For the first time in my life I feel affirmed on a very deep level and feel free to be me. I am so excited to have discovered these books and am fully committed to doing what I can to help spread their message.”
— Mary, New Zealand

“Last night I finished reading Anastasia, Book 1 of the Ringing Cedars Series. I just let Anastasia be in my life. And here comes a question. I know I can get the answer by myself after reading all the books, but I can't wait. Does Anastasia teach people how to create reality? How to fulfill one's dreams, how to manifest anything you want?

My husband finished reading Book 1, too. Today he said he had read hundreds and hundreds of books on spirituality but no one book had made such an effect on him like this one. Knowing him I will tell you that this quite a statement!

As for the translation, he described it in one word —"exquisite". Thank you very much for all your effort in making possible this exquisite translation. We are now reading Book 2.”
— Olga, Colorado, USA

“Thank you for the book! It arrived before yesterday and I just cannot put it down. How fantastic! It makes me even more "homesick" for I love living close to nature and yet am forced to be associated with a city like Chicago. What an irony of life!

My "wild" imagination takes me right into the taiga and as I lose myself in reading, I can actually "see" in my mind Anastasia and her beautiful "home!"

Fantastic story, the more fantastic as it is really true!”
— Anna, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I need to buy 6 copies of the first book, Anastasia. I have six close friends who just HAVE to read them, and won't unless I shove them into their laps. Bill me.”
— Duncan, Queensland, Australia

“All I can add to your missive is 'AWESOME', and 'LIFE CHANGING'.”
— Liz Powrie, South Africa

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